California Trip Day 2

December 18th, 2016 Happy 6th Anniversary to us! Woot Woot! Adleigh fell asleep on the couch and I decided to leave her there rat...

December 18th, 2016

Happy 6th Anniversary to us! Woot Woot!

Adleigh fell asleep on the couch and I decided to leave her there rather than risk waking her up moving her bed. When I woke in the morning she had done a 180 and had her feet on her pillow but luckily she hadn't fallen off.  Brian had to work pretty hard to wake her up.

I had to document the condo we stayed at. It was gorgeous and seriously I could have lived in it forever. This is the view from the Master Bedroom.

The Master Bath! There was also a huge two headed shower behind the door.

The living room. I wish I could decorate like this!

And the balcony. The weather was seriously perfect. I love the feel of the air in Newport too.

We went and ate breakfast at a cute little cafe up the road from our Condo. Breydon was obsessed with the owners dog but the owner's dog was not a fan of Breydon.

After breakfast we headed out to Corona del Mar for a little bit more beach time.

Adleigh did NOT like the seaweed. Sadly the tide was up so we didn't get to see the tide pools but it was still a very pretty beach.

Sandy Breydon toes are my favorite.

Beach bum family

It was a really pretty location and not many people around which was extra awesome.

Breydon enjoying his new sand toys.

I really need to get a sand box or sand table for this girl.

Breydon found another sand wall to scale.

Then he took off on an adventure.

Happy Anniversary shot!

We kind of like each other. :-)

Saying good bye to the beach. Hopefully we can see it again soon.

Then we decided to check out the pools at the condo. This one was called Tide Pool. I had high hopes that it was be pretty cool, sadly it was just a pool. But it was warm, salt water (chlorine and I don't get along well)  and only two other people were there.

Water girl! Though she preferred the hot tub to the deep water.

Finally convinced Breydon to get in.

Pool selfie!

After checking out of the condo we headed up to LA. On our way we stopped and picked up donuts from a gourmet donut shop and they were delicious! I should have taken a picture. My favorite was the salted caramel one, yummy! Then we drove to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.

Aquarium Selfie!

My kids love animals of any kind. Adleigh still remembers the name of this fish, "oh look mommy it is the grouper!"

We spent a lot of time in the aviary trying to convince one of these birds to land us and eat our food. This one ended up biting Adleigh and then Brian. 

Finally right as we were leaving I convinced a bird hanging right next to the door to come party with me and then his friend decided to join. The kids were very happy.

Shark petting tank. Adleigh wouldn't touch one. Guess she is too smart to touch a shark.

Breydon liked watching the sharks but didn't touch the water either. Funny story at the Ray touch tank he almost had a ray touch his face. He was leaning over like this and the ray popped its head out right beneath him.  Bet that shocked him a bit!

The animal Adleigh told us that she really wanted to see was a sea turtle. One of the guides told us "good luck" because the sea turtle is very rarely visible. But then we went over to the health center area and apparently the turtle was being monitored and was in the sick tank. Adleigh was happy! The turtle is the rock looking thing in the back of the tank.

You can barely see but Santa was scuba diving in the big fish tank!

Looking at the cool jelly fish. These ones had little currents of electricity running through them.

Watching some more pretty fish.

We couldn't tear Breydon away from this tank, He was there for almost 10 minutes until we picked him up and took his very angry self with us.

For dinner we went to Bubba Gumps. Yummy! After that we walked around the Long Beach Pier for a bit because we found out our flight was delayed. Then we checked out of the parking lot after a long search for the vouchers we had already paid for... Whoops. Brian didn't realize we needed the voucher to get out, he just thought we needed the original ticket. We then parted ways with Aunt Lori and headed to the airport. Boy was the airport CRAZY. They had lost power and were running on generators. So the baggage carrier didn't work and security had shut down for a bit so the line was soooo long. Luckily we only stood in line for a bit before getting move to the family and frequent flyer line. Thank goodness because the line would have taken over an hour and my children would have not handled that well. We made it through after a long wait for my bag because it had Adleigh's antibiotics for her tooth in it that I forgot about. Our plane ended up being delayed later but the kids were champs. They woke up briefly when we got our luggage but then slept the whole ride back to Green River. We got in at 3am but it was totally worth it! 

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