California Trip Day 1

December 17th, 2016 Forgive the picture overload but we had literally less than 48 hours in Cali to cram lots of stuff in! After ...

December 17th, 2016

Forgive the picture overload but we had literally less than 48 hours in Cali to cram lots of stuff in!

After some definitely sleeping in, much to my dismay, we headed over for a brunch at the Shake Shack at Crystal Cove.

Trying to take a selfie. Also Breydon's favorite place to store his finger is his nose.

And then a very nice lady offered to take a real picture, much better than the selfie!

We took the food down to the beach and my children had ZERO interest in staying at the table and eating. Breydon occasionally would stop by for a snack and then take off. Oh and this was his FIRST trip to the ocean! 

Adleigh could play in sand all day. It actually wasn't cold, my kids were just too anxious to play to wait to be changed all the way.

They had a real Christmas tree on the beach! So awesome.

Our free parking spot was about to expire so we decided to head to another beach spot in actual Newport Beach that had a play set right near the beach. Obviously Adleigh was in heaven but not in love with the cold water.

Cali had some crazy storms this year that made some big  sand walls. Adleigh used it as her personal slide.

Breydon used them to practice his wall climbing skills.

Breydon's first time being hit by the water... I'm an awesome mom...

Daddy daughter enjoying the ocean.

Mommy and son recovering from traumatic water experience.

Adleigh playing with Aunt Lori.

Breydon decided Daddy was nicer and wouldn't make him touch the water.

Adleigh got turned into a mermaid by Aunt Lori.

I think I sold Brian on a beach vacation home after this trip. He actually said he could live in Newport Coast, if only it weren't so dang expensive.

Beach babies

Breydon wouldn't get near his name.

Adleigh loved her name!

And the whole reason we took the trip. Happy Anniversary to us!

Then we headed to Balboa pier and only dragged Adleigh away from the water with a promise of riding the Carousel. We got there and they had torn the dang thing down to make room for more seating. Boo. All the other ride were too scary for Adleigh. They did have a cute/cheap Sea Exploration Museum so we took the kids to that hoping it would make up for it. Adleigh liked the petting area. 

Breydon tried to scoop out the sea animals...

Then we went out to eat at the Cannery Seafood of the Pacific for our early anniversary dinner. Brian wanted seafood and I wanted sushi. We were not disappointed. It was a very fancy restaurant but we ate in the upstairs lounge area that was less fancy. I sat us in a corner area hoping it would keep the kids more contained but the bench hooked up to a wall that was a drop off to the area down below. The kids kept trying to sneak and drop crayons down there. Luckily they only dropped one and it didn't hit anyone. Aunt Lori pulled them up and showed them why they couldn't drop stuff over.

Brian and Aunt Lori enjoying their filet mignon and lobster tail.

Enjoying my sushi. Fresh tuna is seriously amazing!

And my kids being totally behaved in the fancy restaurant. 

Next we drove over to Balboa Island and took the ferry over to the Island. Adleigh was mad when we had to get off the boat. So we bribed her with ice cream, a famous Balboa frozen banana!

Enjoying our ice cream even though it was definitely cold.

While eating ice cream we were told Santa would be arriving in less than ten minutes in that very spot. So we decided to stick around and we were the first in line! 

What a glorious family shot.

Adleigh was finally won over with the bells and not actually sitting on Santa's lap.

Breydon was not won over at all...

Next we headed over to the private beach of a friend of my aunt to watch the Balboa Boat Parade. All the boats were lite up with Christmas lights.

Probably my favorite boat. It actually had real fire coming from the volcano.

Awesome group shot.

Slightly better group shot. After the parade was over we went and hung out with Aunt Lori's friends for a bit and then headed back to the condo. Adleigh insisted we watch a Christmas movie so we watched the Jim Carrey Grinch for a while before she fell asleep.

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