The Dirty Dash

On Saturday Brian and I participated in the Dirty Dash. We competed as a team in the 5k (it really 4 miles...) with Jake and Sabra, Bush a...

On Saturday Brian and I participated in the Dirty Dash. We competed as a team in the 5k (it really 4 miles...) with Jake and Sabra, Bush and Emily, Dane and Kylie and Dane's friend whose name I forgot...

A tradition at the Dirty Dash is to not wear running apparel. So we decided to dress in 80's exercise outfits!

The girls had lots of fun running around Savers and DI trying to find 80's outfits. Then we all met up at Jake and Sabra's to "fix" the outfits aka cut them up!

The boys all had sweat pants and bright tee shirts. They chose to cut the pants really short and wear spandex underneath. They all cut off the shirt sleeves and the bottom half of the shirt, exposing their bellies. Of course they also wore sweat bands!

Brian ended up rolling the shorts so they would be even shorter!

The girls all wore little mini skirts with legging and various layering of brightly colored tops. Leg warmers were also created to add that extra 80's feel. My legging were actually white thermals so I bought a swimming suit skirt so extra coverage :-) I also made a sweat band for myself since I was the only girl with short hair so I couldn't do a high pony tail.

I tried to poof my hair as much as possible. :-)
We took before and after shots of the outfit process but I don't have them yet...

The race was in Soldiers Hollow and we had to be there an hour early. So we meet bright and early to do hair and make up. Then we carpooled up!

We new we had no chance of winning due to my back injury from getting thrown off a horse, Sabra being sick and Emily having a cold. But we were super excited to get dirty. I am also pretty sure we had the best group costumes... The boys were crazy looking!

We went to the starting line early so that we could be at the front on the group. Our captain, Jake, led us in some 80's fabulous stretches. We also did a few Team RedBush cheers :-)

Pretty sexy looking huh? :-)

After we were all warmed up and stuff we lined up on the starting line. They did a push up contest, I'm pretty sure Bush should have won but the guy cheated!

Waiting at the starting line. Apparently I'm the only one who knew the picture was being taken!

The race started with a run up a huge muddy hill with a guy on a water gun spraying us all down.

Bush, Jake and Brian at the beginning.

This wasn't your average 5k. After the hill we had to jump over massive stacks of hay bales. The crawl through large muddy tubes, where you felt a little bit like a hamster. Climb over wooden walls where you were being sprayed with water by a snow maker. It was like hurricane force winds. Also the mud was shin deep on either side of the wall which made getting up and down fun.

We had to climb under fences, jump over little streams and run through mucky, slimy, sticky and smelly lake mud. There was also a point where we had to do that tire stepping thing, like football players do, which was really exciting when your shoes were covered in 10lbs of mud.

We ran some and walked some. The boys would run more and then wait for us (you're supposed to cross as a team). The boys threw mud at us, wiped mud on us and tackled us into the mud.

The last bit off the race was you had to go up a huge steep hill. Then you crossed a big mud pit, which took a while due to being tackled by the boys... Then a big inflatable slide which took you down to another mud pit.

We then linked arms and passed through the area where spectators were allowed to throw water balloons. I got nailed twice in the face. Our last obstacle was a huge mud wallow. You were not allowed to walk through it you had to crawl... I basically swam it. I think Brian cannon balled into it.

We didn't have a picture of it but this is one from online... But you get the picture :-)

We all finished together and surprisingly looked much cleaner after the last mud wallow. :-)

Next we went and cleaned off. They provide FREEZING cold showers for everyone to rinse off. We stripped off the extra layers and tried to clean off. I think my body went into shock when I stepped into that shower!

The boys easily cleaned off but Dave (Jake's Dad/our photographer) bought all the girls a warm shower. I think I would have died without it!

I highly recommend this race!
There is a 10k one in September... Man I couldn't imagine a 10k! The 5k was tough enough!

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  1. We did the 10k dirty last Fall. Most fun I have ever had running!!!! I love your outfits, good times

  2. That looks like SO MUCH FUN. I'm very jealous.



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