December Random

This cute boy snuck into the pantry and helped himself to some goldfish. Had a Christmas Women's party as church. Breydon refuse...

This cute boy snuck into the pantry and helped himself to some goldfish.

Had a Christmas Women's party as church. Breydon refused to go to the nursery provided and hung out with me. He loved rolling the napkin rings around on the floor.

Breydon decided the cats needed food.

This cutie gave the dog a stick and the dog enjoyed the stick too much. Not sure why I vacuum with him and the dog around.

We got a new washer and dryer, my kids had too much fun playing in them.

Watching the bubbles come up in the washer.

When Daddy is away for work, Breydon likes to fall asleep and then wake up and hang out with Mommy for 3 hours before being tired again. So Mommy put him to work. Also, yes that is our old washer and dryer, someone was supposed to pick them up and kept putting it off. They were in my living room for 3 days.

Rough nursery day for both my kids. Breydon refuses to go and Adleigh didn't want to go back after going potty.

Breydon's favorite activity instead of nursery.

The most appropriate way to wear a cowboy bib.

Adleigh was playing with Penny and fell down the stairs and hit her head right on the corner at the bottom of the stairs.

Three cute kitties warming up in the bathroom. It's the only place they are allowed in the house.

Once upon a time we got a new fridge, before buying the new fridge we measured to make sure  it would fit. We measured from the edge of the countertop to the pantry cabinet and had .5 inches of clearance. Unfortunately when we got the fridge it didn't fit. Our cabinets were not put in straight and the bottom of the cabinet came in closer and the fridge didn't fit by less than a centimeter at the bottom. Luckily my husband is handy and was able to move the pantry over enough to get the fridge to fit. But we had to take out all the food to be able to move it. So fun.

Child labor making treat bags for Santa to pass out at the Ward Christmas party, they actually did really well. Breydon did not, he just wanted to eat everything.

Caught someone sneaking into the treat cabinet above the fridge.

They pulled out the bubbles at the end of nursery and Breydon was soooo excited! He kept screaming and the nursery leaders stopped because he was so loud.

Sister locked him out so he played at the bottom of the stairs until she let him in.

Playing with the pieces of the advent calendar that Grandma got for them.

Breydon the babushka.

Adleigh wanted a picture with Bolt.

Early morning warm up by the fire with milk.

Breydon was sick for a while and I took him to the doctor. He was not very happy that I wouldn't let him escape the room before the doctor came in.

Our beautiful gingerbread house. We let the kids take the lead on the decorating and they did excellent. :-)

Kiddos with their creation.

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  1. I'm surprised Penny didn't get a turn in the washer ;)



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