Christmas Day 2016

December 25th 2016 Christmas was on a Sunday this year which is great except when church is early in the morning and your children are...

December 25th 2016

Christmas was on a Sunday this year which is great except when church is early in the morning and your children are not early risers. We had to wake them up so that they would have time to see what Santa brought before going to church.

Breydon was so mad at us for waking him up. He wouldn't even look at his stocking and if we tried to get him to touch it he would yell at us.

Adleigh on the other hand was very excited! Santa brought her the watch she liked at Walmart! But then she only wore it once and has never worn it since because it hurts her wrist.

Adleigh started showing Breydon all her cool things and eventually he warmed up to looking at stuff. His favorite was the candy chocolate sports balls, no surprise there.

Finally ventured off of Dad's lap to explore but then we had to get ready for church.

A much happier boy at church with his new train.

Entertaining everyone!

Boys need bows too sometimes!

Someone else had to take a turn being cranky.

Post Christmas Sunday photo.

So there was literally no snow on the ground on Christmas Eve, there was supposed to be a big storm that day but I went out just before midnight and still no snow. We woke up Christmas Day to a white Christmas and it was still coming down. Boy was I pleasantly surprised. Just while we were at church, 1.5 hours, they got 4 more inches. This tree was beautiful covered in the snow so we took our Christmas picture in front of it. Yes I am wearing boots, but the snow was so high it covered them, totally worth it.

Penny was going crazy in the snow and photobombed a few of our pictures, this was my favorite shot of her.

After eating the kids finally got to open their presents. Adleigh got the boots she is wearing and they both got the dinosaur cups and had to have a drink in them ASAP.

Adleigh also got some dress up clothes and had to wear one of them as well while unwrapping.

Breydon did a good job opening all of his presents with minimal assistance.

My Aunt Pam and Uncle Rex came over for a visit and Breydon decided Uncle Rex was his new best friend. It was pretty funny.

After presents, Brian headed out to clean off the driveway (thankfully Grandpa has a snowblower) and the kids and I came out to "help" him. Adleigh turned this snow pile into a slide.

Breydon had a hard time walking because the snow was so high. Luckily he didn't sink all the way down so it only came up to his legs.

Happy little snow guy.

Penny the Abominable Snow Dog.

So we were supposed to leave to head down to Roy to go see my Mom's family but there was so much snow on the pass between Cache Valley and Roy that there was no way Brian's car would make it over the pass. He had to leave the next day to go back for work so we couldn't leave the car in Cache Valley. We decided to be safe and spend one more night in Cache Valley, so we had a yummy Christmas Dinner and then relaxed. Well Brian and I relaxed. My kids attacked my dad most of the time and Adleigh made my mom read her every single Christmas book we brought. 

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  1. Definitely a snowy Christmas to remember! And Adleigh's face is still Dad's favorite :)



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