April 18th, 2017 Surprise! Another future Cougar will be joining our family on August 31st. Obviously we kept it hidden for a li...

April 18th, 2017

Surprise! Another future Cougar will be joining our family on August 31st.

Obviously we kept it hidden for a little bit so I'll give a little timeline:
January 1st = positive pregnancy test
January 4th = Official blood test at the Doctor
January 31st = First Appointment with the Doctor and 1st sonogram.
1st picture!

February 4th: We announced to our families. Baby was just over 9 weeks old and Brian stinks at keeping secrets. :-)

How we announced:

Also we still hadn't told Adleigh because she is terrible at keeping secrets. During the sonogram she wasn't paying attention, after it was over she saw the pictures and was confused why we had pictures of Aunt Sarah's baby. lol. Then even more confused when she was taking pictures with Aunt Sarah's baby. But we don't like to tell anyone but family this early and so we were terrible parents. 

February 27th: Our next Doctor Appointment. Baby was a little over 12 weeks. Sadly at this appointment we found out I was originally carrying twins but had lost one. The previous ultrasound had missed it because it was transvaginal and the babies were stacked. So bottom baby hid the top baby. Adleigh was paying attention and understood that one of the babies had died, poor girl. But she did insist that the boy one died and the girl one lived.
Picture #2. Anyone else think it looks like Groot???
March 27th: I had another Doctor's appointment but Brian couldn't take off for the appointment. Our Doctor had told us previously that he would look for baby's gender at the appointment but since it was only 16 weeks it may not be apparent. I Facetimed Brian during the appointment just in case the Doctor could see the gender. He could! We he said he was 95% sure that it was a boy. Adleigh may have cried a little when she found out it wasn't a girl... but she got over it pretty quickly.

How we announced to family:

So I saw this idea on Pinterest and tried to copy it. Basically a mini gender reveal of popping the balloon that isn't the correct gender. 1) it was very traumatic for Adleigh to have the girl balloon popped. But it did look like she was crying because it was a boy... 2) Some people who shall not be named... did not understand it. So I decided to not use it for our big reveal on social media. I also decided to wait to announce it publicly until the next appointment to get a confirmation of gender. Oh and PS: Adleigh totally told our neighbors I was pregnant after the 12 week appointment... little stinker.

April 10th: Brian wasn't fond of my Doctor in Rock Springs and wanted me to deliver at a hospital with a NICU. Since I am a c-section risks of complications are higher. If anything goes wrong with either of us then that one get shipped to Utah and the other one is stuck in Rock Springs. So a lot of women in our area just go to Utah to deliver. It's about a 2 hour drive which is fine for a c-section since I don't go into labor. :-) So we got a recommendation from a friend and found a really good Doctor in Ogden Utah. Also the Dr. Office is amazing! Beautiful waiting room and amazing kids play area. Totally worth the drive. So we set up an appointment and Brian got the day off so he could be there for the first appointment with that Doctor. We also had him recheck the gender and boy was still correct.
Hello little boy! A little over 18 weeks here.

April 18th: we posted the announcement on social media. I was almost 20 weeks along. We were at the BYU bookstore and bought matching shirts... So I figured, hey why not use these to announce! Super spur of the moment but it is a 3rd baby so at least he got an announcement right? ;-)
Also Breydon still wouldn't drop his little football for the picture. Oh and I totally had to go buy pants because I had worn a dress that day and t-shirts and dressed don't mix. Didn't need the announcement to be that lame. :-)

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