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April 6th - 8th 2017 Brian was supposed to have April 10th off for an appointment we had that day in Utah. His work decided to move hi...

April 6th - 8th 2017

Brian was supposed to have April 10th off for an appointment we had that day in Utah. His work decided to move him closer to us so that I could pick him up and take him rather than having to be transported by work. So they moved him to Roosevelt, Utah which is only 2.5 hours from us. So we drove out there and got to party with him for a few days before his day off. 

We got to the area earlier than Brian was off so we stopped at a McDonalds so that the kids could play and eat.

Adleigh loved the rock wall and did a great job getting up and down all by herself.

We have a National Parks Pass and decided to put it to some good use to escape the hotel while Brian was at work and go see Dinosaur National Monument.

Filling out their booklets to become Jr. Rangers.

I couldn't get them to pose for the picture but I could get them to hug for the picture.

Breydon really liked looking at the dinosaur figures.

Our first stop was The Quarry. A huge area where tons of dinosaur bones have been found. Once they found enough they decided to leave some for people to come see and touch.

The kids favorite area was the upper deck of The Quarry, mostly because they liked the ramp that lead up to it.

Adleigh standing next to the femur bone of a Camarasaurus.

Looking at a complete skeleton of a juvenile Camarasaurus that was found in The Quarry.

So many bones!

Our next stop was a little hike to go see some petroglyphs. Adleigh booked it up the trail, we couldn't keep up with her.

We finally caught up to her and then she took off again.

Off to find more petroglyphs.

Found another one... didn't realize how x-rated the material was until after the picture was taken...

Made it to the top of the hike, clearly very exciting...

Oh look I was there too!

Happy dirty hiker.

Our next stop was a little homestead built by a lady who lived out there all by herself for 40 years! It was a beautiful location, I totally could have lived there too.

Hiking around the property and found some beautiful scenery.

The kids loved the sand all around the trails.

The also loved playing in the natural spring near the log cabin.

Last we decided to go hike up a canyon near her house. Adleigh is a pretty good rock climber.

She made it all the way up until she was stopped by a wall.

Breydon tried but moccs aren't very good for gripping the rock. Instead he chased this lady bug around.

Oh look more sand... But some really pretty rocks near the sand.

Adleigh found a little hole in the rock to crawl through.

Breydon managed to make it up as well with some help from mom.

Coming out of the hole!

We made it as far as trail went. I wasn't for crawling over rocks with the kids.

The mile hike up tired this little guy out!

Adleigh hiked back down in her bare feet, luckily it was mostly soft sand. After this hike we went out and bought both of them hiking shoes.

Really pretty scenery on the drive out.

When we got back the hotel staff had left Adleigh some treats because they found out it was her birthday weekend.

The birthday cake made from towels!

Breydon loved looking out the window at the horses and was constantly climbing in the window.

Breydon making his super hero noises. He also makes that noise whenever he see anything related to a superhero.

The next day Brian was on standbye, which means he was being paid but didn't go in to work. But he couldn't go very far from the hotel just in case he got called in so we found lots of fun stuff to do around the hotel. This park we could see from our window so we went and played there for a couple hours. We also went swimming but apparently those pictures are on Brian's phone...

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  1. Dinosaur Park is much improved since my last visit! Loved the towel birthday cake too :) What a fun adventure making memories!



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